Our private, equipment, and mat classes are 60 minutes long. Each have an integrated approach and are designed for all levels. Instead of repetitions and redundancy, every exercise or stretch prepares you for what’s next!




An individualized session that caters to each client’s goals and needs. A private session pairs detailed and thoughtful sequences with myofascial release work in order to re-educate your neuromuscular system and challenge your mind and body in brand new ways. An effective way to make significant strides to your goals!


A fun session perfect for friends or couples. You receive individual attention while experiencing it with a friend!


Mat + Springboard Fusion

A class that explores traditional Pilates mat exercises using props, focusing on form, and layers extra challenges with the Pilates Springboard. This class thoughtfully integrates Mat and Springboard repertoire creating a fun workout outside the traditional mat class!

Pilates Circuit

A unique class that uses all of the Pilates equipment in the studio. Each piece and exercise act as a “station” as you perform multiple rounds. All exercises are integrated in order to achieve get a well-rounded burn. Perfect for those who are curious about all that Pilates equipment has to offer!


Pilates Mat

A class that explores the fundamentals of Pilates mat repertoire and basic biomechanics. It is perfect for beginners through advanced levels. This class focuses on form, breath, stability, and mobility, and works to build your mind-body connection.

Posture + Core

A mix of stretch, release, and strength all in one. This class addresses not only postural muscles in your back & shoulders, but your whole body as a “home base”. We perform stretches & myofascial releases on structures that often drag you down from a neutral posture, then strengthen the structures that become weak. We apply it all to core strengthening exercises. Perfect for those of us who have to sit often or are simply looking for ways to improve their posture!

Unwind + Restore

A restorative mat class that focuses on breath and mindfulness. We use props to perform stretches and myofascial releaseto allow more freedom throughout the body. We then explore restorative exercises to increase more fluidity in your joints and spine. You’ll leave feeling lengthened, at ease, and ready to take on the week!